Casa de la India's Library specialises in information about India. On the one hand, the library's function is one of support for the Casa de la India's educational and cultural activities, and, on the other, to encourage public access and use of the materials available.  Similarly, as a specialised resource centre, its aim is to serve as a forum for university members and researchers at a national level.



The library collection specializes in India and comprises printed books, magazines, audiovisual (DVD, CD, VCD) and multimedia (CD-ROM) materials. Although most of the reources are in English, there is a growing Spanish collection and there are also materials in various Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali and Malayalam. Library members have access to films, documentaries, music and books - fiction (novels, poetry and theatre) and non-fiction - organised by subject, philosophy, religion, society, politics, economy, travel, history, food and art, to name a few.



There are two types of membership which allow access to the Casa de la India library:


  • Membership of the Castilla and León Libraries network (Bibliotecas de Castilla y León). This card can be obtained from any of the libraries that form part of the RABEL (Red de Bibliotecas de Castilla y León) network and must be shown in order to borrow any library resource.


  • As an Amigo de Casa de la India. This card must be shown in order to use the library or Haveli garden reading and study areas. Amigos of Casa de la India can also benefit from other library services such as narrowcasting (selective dissemination of information) and Wi-Fi.


The minimum age to use the library is fourteen, excepting those activities which are organised by and held in the library for younger children.


All library users must be in possession of a valid library membership card and show their card to library staff as and when requested to do so.



The Casa de la India library offers the following services:


  • Lending : each member can borrow TWO books and ONE audiovisual or multimedia resource at any one time. The lending period for books is 15 days and for audiovisual or multimedia material, 7 days.


  • Reservations : Members can reserve resources that are currently lent out to another user. Once returned, the library will inform the user that the resource is available to borrow. The reservation will be maintained for two days during which time the resource should be collected.


  • Renewals : Books can be renewed as long as there are no pending reservations for the copy in question. 



Resource Type


Nº of items

Lending Period (days)



































  • Reading and study areas: the eight study places and the haveli garden can be used to read or study. This service is available exclusively to Casa de la India Amigos.


  • Information, reference and help in finding resources : this service is designed to help library users find the resources that they are looking for.


  • Narrowcasting (selective dissemination of information) : this service allows the library user to recieve information about new aquisitions that are relevant to their specified and personalised areas of interest. This service is available exclusively to Casa de la India Amigos.


  • Wi-Fi area  : Free Wi-Fi is available on the Casa de la India premises to anyone that brings their own lap-top computer. This service is available exclusively to Casa de la India Amigos.


  • Desiderata : requests to acquire new resources will be considered.



  • Suggentions Box



Resources borrowed must be returned within the specified lending period. For each days delay in the return of the resource, the user will be penalised by one day of not being able to borrow material from the library. In the case of loss or return of damaged resources, the user will replace the resource or, if discontinued, replace the resource with another of similar characteristics, as agreed by the librarian.




  • Lending Room : located on the ground floor of the Casa de la India this room gives access to most of the the classified resources that are available for lending.


  • Deposit : (accessible only to library personnel). This area area is designed on the one hand to hold valuable resources and on the other, to store copies or less sought after resources.


  • Reading garden : the haveli garden is open during the summer and available exclusively to Casa de la India Amigos.



The library is open to the public from Monday to Friday (except public holidays):


Mornings: 10:00 to 14:00

Afternoons: 17:00 to 20:00


The library reserves the right to modify these times with respect to other activities organised by the Casa de la India and during vacations. Any changes to the library opening times will be anounced in advance on the Casa de la India notice board and web page.




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