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Traveler's club

India has a wide and diverse cultural and religious heritage and a great natural wealth that includes 35 World Heritage Sites (both in the monuments and natural wonders categories) from the Himalayas to the tropical beaches of the south of the country. All this incredible variety offers India a unique opportunity to develop its tourism. A heritage that includes temples, palaces and forts, but also the wisdom of yoga and ayurveda, as well as other artistic traditions and festivals that invite visitors to a unique experience.

Casa de la India hosts within its regular programming the “Traveler's Club", an initiative that allows both experienced and future travelers to be immersed in a country of multiple landscapes, languages, cultures, customs and beliefs. The “Traveler's club” programs presentations of cultural trips to India focused on diverse areas of interest: photography, architecture, art, intensive dance courses, music, martial arts, yoga, ayurveda, etc.

Each session of the “Traveler's Club" brings to the public stories and images (portraits, monuments, landscapes, animals, people, villages and cities) from different corners of India conveying the spirit of a personal experience and inviting us to know India from within accompanied by an expert in collaboration with various entities and tourism professionals.