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LAB India of Performing Arts

LAB-INDIA, THE LABORATORY OF PERFORMING ARTS OF INDIA, is a space for training, research, dissemination and intercultural artistic creation set up by Casa de la India. A meeting point for performing artists to produce, disseminate, experiment and share common artistic spaces to enrich our social and cultural environments.

This Laboratory, which is to articulate and promote the performing arts of India in Spain, revolves around four fundamental elements:




Since the creation of Casa de la India in Valladolid in 2003, a regular training program has been held in Indian performing arts. It is now a reference point in Spain and numerous students in the disciplines of Indian dance and music have been trained under this program. Regular classes in Indian dance forms are offered as part of Kalasangam, the permanent seminar of Indian performing arts, as well as through workshops and master classes taught by specialists and masters visiting from India and belonging to various disciplines.

On the other hand three-month-long workshops are designed to provide a space for experimentation and dialogue of Indian performing arts with other forms of expression such as contemporary dance and flamenco.

Workshops and seminars aimed at professionals of dance and theater are also offered in collaboration with professional dance and drama schools.

LAB-INDIA also coordinates a Kalasangam course of performing arts, music, yoga and ayurveda in India. This course is run as an intensive training program of three weeks duration in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala.



LAB-INDIA carries out research projects that cover educational and social areas. It also offers artistic direction and advice on specific programs on dance and theatre at several universities. And in collaboration with the School of India, the educational program of Casa de la India, LAB-INDIA works for the inclusion of dance and theater as educational tools in Primary and Secondary Education, as well as on projects of social integration and inclusion.


Parallel to the training and research activities, a line of artistic creation is developed by LAB-INDIA, closely linked to the training and collaborative process. Intercultural creations have been carried out through artistic residences promoted by Casa de la India that have resulted in co-productions with other entities, festivals and cultural spaces of India and Spain, such as: "Flamenco  India”, dance, theater and music show directed by Carlos Saura in 2015 for Calderón Theater in Valladolid; and the theater production" Kijote Kathakali " co-produced with Margi Kathakali from Kerala and directed by Ignacio García with Mónica de la Fuente as associate director, which was premiered in 2016 at the International Classical Theater Festival of Almagro.

LAB-INDIA also coordinates artistic residency programs in performing arts that Casa de la India organizes annually in collaboration with other entities. The residencies have a project selection committee and are carried out both in Spain and in India.

In the field of dissemination Casa de la India aims to promote and facilitate the exhibition of works that result from the artistic residencies, new experimental creations, and co-productions through the cultural spaces, artistic platforms , festivals and networks with which it has been  collaborating for many years in Spain and India.