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The Casa de la India has its head office in a building dating back to the beginning of the XXth century located at nº13, calle Puente Colgante, Valladolid and which was donated  to the Casa de la India Foundation by Valladolid City Council. The building has been rehabilitated to serve as the head office of the Casa de la India and was inaugurated on November 11th , 2006 with the presence of the Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anand Sharma.




Head Office
Casa de la India
Calle Puente Colgate 13

Tel.: +34-983-228711



  • Multifunctional Assembly Hall. For conferences, film screenings and music, dance and theatre performances. This multifunctional hall opens on to the "Haveli" terrace garden on one side and onto the calle de la India (India Street) on the other, making outdoor performances and events possible.
  • Exhibition Hall. Apart from the multifunctional assembly hall which is used as an exhibition space, the building has various areas suitable for exhibitions on all floors.
  • Library. Equipped with bibliographical material related to India, cultural and scientific publications, newspapers, magazines, etc. and multimedia material.
  • Information desk and sale of publications.
  • Lecture rooms (2). Can be converted into one single room and are used for conferences, classes, seminars and training courses (languages, computer studies, dance, theatre and music workshops, etc) as well as for work meetings.
  • Offices (2) , meeting room, reception and secretary's area.
  • Additional Spaces. Include storerooms, installations, dressing rooms, kitchen, toilets, passages and corridors, etc.
  • Entrance garden. For open air events. A bust of Rabindranath Tagore, donated by the Government of India in 2006, invites visitors into the garden and the Casa de la India.
  • "Haveli" terrace garden. Situated at the back of the main building with direct access from the library and the multifunctional assembly hall, the terrace houses the façade of a haveli , an original wooden structure, donated by the city of Ahmedabad, India in 2009.

Foto antigua del edificio  




History of the Building 

The building was originally a suburban villa, constructed around 1915 by the Aragón family, who owned the property until its transfer to the City Council in 2000. In 1941 the "Small House" was constructed as an extension of the original villa as the home for Pablo Aragón's daughter.


Evolución del Edificio