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Enterprise, tourism, and NGO

In the area of cooperation and enterprise, Casa de la India facilitates cooperation and exchange between the various public and private agents of civil society working for economic and social development: companies, chambers of commerce, foundations, and various NGOs. This activity concentrates on several related areas and on the following action points:

•          Promotion of business and multisector meetings, commercial delegations and networking events to facilitate contacts, commercial relations and cooperation between diverse institutions.

•          Actions to enable new collaboration agreements between companies and technology centers in Spain and India.

•          Promotional visits in the tourism sector and actions related to the film industry in collaboration with Spain Film Commission, Producers Guild of India and other entities.

•          Actions to provide visibility to initiatives of different NGOs focusing on social and economic development and on capacity building and the development of people.

•          Organization of study trips and professional visits, training programs, and coordination of long-term projects with partners in India and Spain.