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Fecha de inicio: 
27/11/2019 - 21:00
Fecha de fin: 
27/11/2019 - 22:00

By the sitar player  Subrata De.

Price: 10€ (8€ Friends of Casa de la India)

Subrata De is the most promising name in Sitar today. A sitarist from Bishnupur Gharana, Mr. De has not only earned his reputation as a performer, but as a cultural ambassador of India, propagating Indian culture in its purest form all over the world. He also works for cultural exchanges between India and foreign countries through concerts, lecture demonstrations and facilitating exchange programmes. He is also looked up to by young artists for getting suitable opportunities and mentoring to showcase their talents at appropriate stages.


Formal Training
Initiated in 1977 with training from Shri Amarjit Singh of Jamshedpur. Later under the tutelage of Surmani Bauri Bandhu Sethi of Bhubaneshwar, learnt the nuances of sitar. In 1987 became a disciple of the sitar maestro Pandit Manilal Nag of Kolkata belonging to the Bishnupur Gharana. Received special training in Dhrupad and Gayaki  style, Tankarin, Alapnang, Gatkari, the identifying features of Bishnupur Gharana. He is inspired by his father Shri. Bhut Nath De , an exponent vocalist cum music scholar of Indian classical music.