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Casa de la India library


Casa de la India is a specialized center offering information about India. It has the function of supporting the educational and cultural activities of the Casa and also of providing public access to the material available. As a specialized documentation center on India it aims to become a reference library in Spain for university students and researchers.



The library has a specialized collection on India and includes books, magazines, audiovisual materials (DVD, CD, VCD) and multimedia (CD-ROM). Most of the collection is in English, although Spanish and other Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali and Malayalam are also represented. The user can borrow films, documentaries, music and books, both fiction (novel, poetry and theater) and non-fiction, organized by subjects: philosophy, religion, society, politics, economy, travel, history, cooking and arts, to name a few.



To access the Casa de la India library there are two types of card:


• User card of the Libraries of Castilla y León issued by any of the libraries integrated in RABEL (Network of Libraries of Castilla y León). This card is required for any type of borrowing.

• Friend of Casa de la India Card (in any of its modalities). This card is required to use both the library and the garden of the library for consultation, reading or study. Also those who own this card can benefit from other library services such as the DSI and the Wi-Fi zone.


The minimum age to have access to the library is fourteen years, except for special activities for children that take place inside the library. To enter the library users need to present their card to our staff.



The Casa de la India library offers the following services:

• Borrowing: each user can borrow two books, a DVD, a CD and a multimedia item. The return period is 15 days for books and 7 days for audiovisual and multimedia material.

• Reservations: the user may request a document of the catalogue that is borrowed at the time of consultation. The library will inform the user when the copy is available and the user will have two days to collect it.

• Renovations: borrowing of books can be renewed as long as there is no pending reservation for the copy.





Resource Type
Nº de items
Lending Period (days)









• Consultation in the library: exclusive service for users with a Friend of Casa de la India Card. There are eight study places inside the library and a reading garden.

• Information, reference and advice on searches: service created with the purpose of guiding the user to locate the documents being searched for.

• Wifi Zone: exclusive service for users with a Friend of Casa de la India Card. The user with a wifi device can access internet for free.

• Catalogue: online access to the complete catalogue of the library.



Borrowed material must be returned within the indicated period. Otherwise, the sanction period (suspending further loans) will be one day for each day of delay. In case of loss or return of the material in different conditions to which it was borrowed, the user must replace the document or, if it is out of print, provide another of similar characteristics, according to the criteria of the librarian.



The library is open to the public from Monday to Friday (except on holidays and Monday afternoons):


10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

5:00 PM to 8:00 PM


The library reserves the right to modify the opening time depending on the activities that are scheduled in Casa de la India and during the holiday periods. These changes will be announced well in advance both on the notice board of the Casa and on the website.



Complete catalogue of the Casa de la India Library:


For more information contact:


Casa de la India

Calle Puente Colgante 13

47007 Valladolid

Telf.: 983 228 714

Fax: 983 226 542